Council Paid Us!

We have just received our first cash sum lump of direct payment after a 2.5 year wait!

I was told a support plan needs to be agreed before any payment would be made. I’ve just checked the all pay account which shows a 4 figure credit to my astonishment. I’ve not received a letter or phone call for confirmation of the amount and rules around permissable/restricted items that the money can be used for like terms and conditions.

I’ve contacted my local advocacy advisor to try and setup some sort of support plan as I believe it has to be agreed by the council for permissable payments to be made to care services etc. It looks like they have overpaid us and not asked us for our own contribution (no breakdown? of contributions)?

Anyone been down this road?

Congratulations! Be sure to ask the council to tell you exactly what it’s for with a written email.

The social worker has already told us verbally like food and clothing is not permitted nor a ticket for a 14 day cruise.

I think they have given us agency fees to pay for payroll and insurance and replacement care.


Well done for not giving up.