Carer's Allowance unexpected back pay?


I have been caring for my girlfriend for around 5 years now, and claiming carer’s allowance for about 4 of them. Recently she lost PIP but we appealed and got it back so in the meantime my CA stopped and our ESA went back up. I reclaimed for CA and I was told I would get it back at the end of this month. I’m sure the letter said I wouldn’t get any back dated pay as we were getting ESA but I received a lump sum into my account yesterday. I tried to call CA but their system is down I just didn’t know if anyone here has had a similar situation?

Thank you in advance.

If I were a betting man , my monies would be on a back payment.

Perhaps on Moday try again to get confirmation from the CA unit ?

In the interim , suggest sitting on the monies until you know for sure.

I wouldn’t worry about this, just wait until they send you a formal letter which tells you what it is for.
Their back to front system does things the wrong way round at times!!!