Employment Support Allowance to Income Support

Hi guys has anyone on here swapped from Employment support allowance to income support I now receive carers for my daughter and after speaking to a benefit advisor it was felt I should swap over but he has not explained where I start I know I lose money by swapping but for my own personal circumstances it would be better

The net result is usually the same.

ESA and caring is a mismatch IF the carer has no intention of / unable to balance work with caring.

Best to crunch some numbers through an Online Benefits Calculator to check … and also to ensure
that everything out there is currently being claimed :


UC rolled out on your manor ?

MAY have an effect if a range of Old Money benefits are being claimed.

  • hi Chris at first the ESA was great I had every intention of going back to work then my daughter became unwell so it all went pear shape universal credit isn’t live in my area till February so all is a go for changing he just didn’t explain how to go about the change

I honesty don’t know … best to check with the CUK Advice Team … contact details follow … best by email :


Best guesstimate … apply for CA … claim rejected ( Overlapping benefit ) … but Carers Premium added to ESA ?

Carers Premiunm ?
What is Carer Premium? | How to apply for Carer Premium?

I will assume no knock on effects on your daughter’s benefits … DLA / PIP ?

Don’t quote me on that !