Elderly not understanding speech

My wife of 93, has increasing difficulty understanding what people say, quite
common in the elderly.

Are there any DVD’s of films etc with slow speech made especially for the elderly to watch?
I cannot find any on the net.

Hi Albert,
interesting concept, but I doubt it. Prepared to stand corrected, however.

Would turning the subtitles on help or Bluetooth headphones? Or perhaps reading or you reading to her a synopsis of the plot first?


She has bad ARMD so even with her TV magnifying glasses she cannot read
any subtitles.
She can hear very well but her brain doesn 't interpret what she is hearing.
If I did tell her the story, as I do, she will have forgotten that before a film starts !
She needs slow film with slow but normal pitch speech.

Albert, Am I right in thinking her attention span is low? If so I’d recommend children’s programmes, especially those from earlier decades as she might not cope so well with full length features films.

The BBC also has loads of good drama and comedy on their radio app thing called Sounds. The speech is good and clear being made for radio. There are several series that she might enjoy in just 30 minute chunks

I might be wrong but I think audiobooks and possibly the radio player can be played at slower speeds. Certainly kindle books voice to speech can be.

Hi Albert
In the early stages of Dad’s hearing loss I used a function on the TV called “Clear Voice” which emphasised the voices and reduced teh background noise which is often the problem. This is an “LV” brand of tv which is why I bought it but others may have similar function.

Thanks for all the tips and suggestions,

Sometimes when she watches TV she asks me if I can
understand what people are saying.

I tell her a lie and say not always, although I can hear them very well. I do this to prevent her fretting about it. If she thinks I have difficulty too it make her feel better.

We carers have to constantly change tack to do the best we can. :slight_smile:

She has just got attendance allowance. Back dated3 months so that was a nice surprise