Hearing issues

Hi I’m new here, this is my first post and I’m hoping someone may be able to shed some light.
My mum (90) was diagnosed with mild cognitive decline at a memory clinic a couple of years ago which has got worse, I’m assuming it’s progressed to dementia (she’s had lots of TIAs and a more significant stroke two years ago.) and the stroke consultant said she’s likely to have vascular dementia but no official diagnosis
She’s had bad hearing since before then, but her hearing seems to go from really bad one day to not so bad the next. Sometimes I think she’s having me on pretending it’s worse than it is as she seems to hear things being said from another room yet has the TV volume cranked right up
Has anyone else experienced this at all?

Hi Saheen, I can tell you that I am 67 and do not have dementia but my hearing comes and goes. I find it hard to hear if there is some background noise like the kettle or washing machine. Other times it is very clear. I thought I needed mine syringing but they said they were fine. I have had an hearing test done and they said while their was some hearing loss I did not require an hearing aid yet. It is very frustrating for myself and anyone trying to have a conversation with me. Sometimes I have the telly on loud. I use subtitles whenever I can. Then other days the telly sounds to be shouting at me. It is possible that your mums illness has nothing to do with her hearing. However one thing to bear in mind is that dementia brings lack of concentration so your mum might actually not be tuned in to you at times. She could have drifted off into her own little world from time to time. A lot of patience is required from carers of someone with any type of dementia. Plus time out to yourself.

Hope all goes well.