Dwp fiasco- overpayments carers allowance

Our members aware of the incompetence of the dwp for not checking records and have had systematic failure system in place which hasn’t been updated for 10 years. By this gross misconduct the DWP almost 70,000 claimants could be prosecuted and fined. It could be you!!! MPs have been debating in Westminster on the 26 Nov 18. Rt Hon Frank Field MP,said, It is unfathomable that the DWP could allow someone to accrue close to £50,000 in overpaid Carer’s Allowance. No carer should have to suffer as result of such shocking ineptitude and I believe those overpayments that are the fault of the Government’s own incompetence should be written off with the greatest urgency. I am referring this gross failure of the DWP, to run properly this aspect of its duties, to the National Audit Office to investigate.”
The overpayment demands have already started … It was reported earlier this month that George Henderson from Preston, who is 58 and cares for his mentally ill son, who is also a heroin user, is being taken to court for an overpayment of carer’s allowance of £19,500. George was not aware of the earnings limit and claimed carer’s allowance for six years until a Department of Work and Pensions compliance check discovered that he had exceeded it.
Carers are indefensible, they work for £1.25 an hour it would cost local councils £750 to put someone in care… not a bad deal!!!
Our health and social care systems would fall apart without the contribution of unpaid carers.
If any member has any more current news please share… we simply can not allow this to happen. What benefit is next? Please lobby your local MP to get involved and stop this injustice. Any comments would be most welcome.
Thanks for reading.

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INCOMPETENCE … strange use of that word in the broader context of the " Problem " spelt out in the main thread ???

Said " Problem " only one sided ???

And no … I am not a DWP plant … quite the reverse … what we ALL know so far is in that MAIN thread.

Plenty of questions but … precious few answers.

There is a lot more to this … on BOTH sides !!!

My advice … and also to CUK … STAY OUT OF IT … wrong battle to engage in !!!

Save it for the Green Paper … everthing , including the kitchen sink , will be needed for that one !!!

Thank you for your comments that have been noted. I believe we need a bath rather than the kitchen sink.
I don’t believe 70. 000 carers would have your same views.
From your own admissions this forum is lucky to get 10 users.
I am happy that my post has been read by nearly 50 users. It is imperative to bring carers together to have a voice and deliver lasting change.

Could not agree more … my views ?

( DWP Purge ? Latest bit posted without the benefit of what preceded it … the exchange in the House makes interesting reading ? )

I tend to give half the carer army juggling the unholy trinity … eat / heat/ roof … a voice.

Even a name … The Street … a place where even our own supporting organisations do not reach.

From that ground zero , my views follow … things and ideas that impact on their daily struggle.

My personal views are much more radical … this forum is no place for them … only on CarerWatch were they relevant.

I could use some help on here … the forum’s yours.

Plenty of meat around … if only posters would read.

As things stand , I am the last of the CarerWatch team still active within carer circles.

2009 … a year that has a lot to answer for :


The thread heading says it all … the end of hope ?

Nothing to stop the younger generation finding the historical chalk marks as a basis for whatever will follow.
( The two major Parliamentary Reports published in 2005 and 2007 respectively always a good read to kick off. )

To understand the present , one needs to know the past ?


Yep … I more than second Honey Badger … the struggles of any carer are of interest to us , many are
only too willing to help / assist whenever they can.

CarerLand … a family … united through caring … and all the problems associated with caring.

One thing we cannot control is the decline in posts on this forum … that has many factors and is of concern
to both ourselves , and to our " Landlord " … Carers UK … without their support in providing this facility ,
online communication between carers would be further fragmented … small islands of carers … akin to
the first wave of independently run carer forums back in 2006 / 2007.

Thank you for your kind words Honey. It is comforting that you are offering a caring life line to be able to exchange are experiences and the impact it has on our lives.

Kind regards