Advice please - so worried. DWP demanding money


I have just received a letter from DWP stating that they require me to make a payment of £499.20.

This letter, they state, supersedes the decision made 18 months ago (12/06/1917) by a previous Decision Maker. It’s quite frightening that any decision they make can be altered at any time in the future. Can they do this?

I am the sole Carer and provider to my adult disabled son, surviving on limited income. In order to boost my income, I work 12 hours p/w earning below the maximum threshold set by DWP.

In May 2016 I received a one-off bonus which took my earnings £4.82 over for the month. The same thing happened in May 2017 which took my earnings over by £68.72.

I received a letter from DWP in June 2017 following their checks. They decided to just deduct National Insurance Credits for the two periods of overpayment. I assumed this decision had been made because my earnings for the remainder of the year are well below the maximum.

Should I offer to repay overpayment, which is far less than two months Carer’s Allowance or should I go down the path of arguing the timescale since original decision?

I am so worried that they are legally able to overrule a decision originally made so long ago and demand repayment of so much money. Financially, I cannot afford to lose 2 months Carer’s Allowance to pay the demand.

Any advice would be appreciated as I only have one month to reply, even less as this letter has taken a week to arrive.


Definitely go down Mandatory Reconsideration path if that possible. Letter should state whether this is (likely) or not (unlikely). This will allow you some breathing space while you get advice elsewhere.

Hi Caroline … seasons greetings … welcome to the canteen.

I second GF’s recommendation on the Mandatory Reconsideration path as a first step … keep 'em quiet for a while until you have some ammunition to fight back.

This " Problem " needs to be handled by the Carers Uk Advice Team … conversant with DWP problems no thanks to the recent purge :

None of us here on this forum are legal advisors , nor qualified to offer advice along these lines.

Contact details within the following link … best by email :