Carers allowance overpayments

Hi i recently took a job for 15 hours a week to help my own mental health as a carer for my son with Aspergers aged 20. I did it for 7 months . it was really hard work but helped me being with other people. I finished in March. out of the blue I got a call from the dwp and it’s looking like my wages were a fraction over the 120 and I will have an overpayment. I am mortified and stressed. it’s hard enough being a carer and not being able to earn a decent wage. Now this!! if I had known I would have done a couple of less hours !! I cannot believe caters are targeted in this way.If our son was in a home it would costs hundreds per week!! how can it be fair and why is no one changing this? it shoukd be a sliding fair rule that if you go over you lose a fair percentage. now it looks like for a pound or so over I will owe the whole £64!!! Surely this is a common theme that should have been changed long before now? if I do have repay how is this done?

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If only you had found us before taking up employment ?

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Marshalling … for the sake of a few quid ?

A previous thread will be of assistance here … the DWP Purge thread :

If you ever want an answer that question WHY , look no further :

Either the CAB or the CUK Advice Team ( Best by email ) for this one … contact details follow :
Citizens Advice

Let us know how matters progess.

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I have this morning recieved my compliance interview appointment & I am confused as I earn below £100 per week.

My mums salary gets paid into one of my accounts as I pay her Bill’s & monitor her spending at her request. Could this be the reason I have been requested for an interview?

Many Thanks in advance.


Possibly !

Claiming ESA ( Earnings Support Allowance ) in addition ?

That would explain it.

If purely claiming Carers Allowance , a mere formaility … no thanks to the DWP.

DWP compliance interviews … link to past threads on this issue :