Carers Allowance Overpayment

Hi. I’m wondering if someone could give me some advice. This week I received a letter from the DWP asking me to confirm my earnings and I’ve just read that if I earn more than £120 a week I’m not entitled to it which has led me into a panic. When I initially applied for CA I had a part-time job that was just 24 hours a month and presented all the necessary pay slips to qualify. But I’ve completely cocked up as in 2015 I got a second job - just 12.5 hours a week but didn’t even think of contacting the DWP as I wasn’t earning any tax or making NI contributions. It never clicked with me that it would affect by CA. On looking at the information I’ve just been given, it means I’ve been overpaid for over 4 years ! That’s a lot of money !

I will of course give them all the info they need but I’m terrified they will prosecute me for fraud. I admit it is my fault but it was a genuine oversight and not done intentionally. Any advice would be really welcome.

Hi Amanda.

Carers Allowance ?

There has been an earnings limit in force for decades.

For what it’s worth , you are not alone in this :

Strongly recommend putting some precis figures together and then approach either the CAB or Carers UK Advice Team for guidance :

Let us know how matters progress … it may assist others with a similar problem.

I know there was an earnings limit when I initially applied. I just genuinely forgot to inform them. I just wish they had notified me sooner. I thought they had access to tax and income records ? I know it was my responsibility to inform them. But why contact me now after 4 years ? Why not sooner to avoid this dreadful situation. I know you get a letter every year confirming your allowance but I just filed it without thinking.

Thanks for the links. The Carers line is only open Monday’s and Tuesday’s. I have to reply to the DWP by next Wednesday. Is it worth me putting in a covering letter trying to explain or is it just a case of guilty as charged. I will pay it back but I’m just terrified of being prosecuted. As from February this year I just have one job now. If I lose that one I won’t be able to pay anything.

CAB , Amanda … strongly recommended.

Only recently have the TaxMan and DoleMan had access to each others information.

Exchange in the House on that very point in the MAIN thread.

Hi Chris.

Thanks. I’ve contacted them and they have advised me to get in touch with them once I’ve received a response ffrom the DWP.

Good … always best to consult with the experts out there.

DWP … not the happiest of bunnies , even at the best of times.

Thanks Chris. The DWP have rules and at the end of the day I didn’t follow them - albeit unintentionally. But guess as it’s still my fault I’m going to have to pay the price. So worried about prosecution as I’m the main carer for my son. And I can’t afford to lose the part time job I have.

Your welcome.