Don't pet strangers' dogs, US health agency warns over coron

FDA has issued new guidance to stay two metres away from dogs, as the animals are at risk of catching Covid-19 from humans

we was up the park today and saw lots of people with dogs no leads so does this apply in the uk as well if so lots of people are not going by the rules set by the goverment

A couple of months ago I did hear that you could catch the virus if someone with covid stroked the dog and you stroked the same dog a little later on.

Just keep your doggy under control and don’t rush to pet other canines. I don’t think mine would want to wear a mask so please keep your distance!

not sure about our dog he only has a small nose

Nice dawg. Decent sized mouth though!

Here’s my companion, Millie! Don’t get too close!

Sorry, she wasn’t upside down when I photographed her!