Reducing to one metre possible

Have read this morning that when time comes to ease Lockdown GVT could change advice re social distancing distancing.

How would one metre suddenly be OK?

I’m baffled, and very concerned .


I don’t care what the science says, 2 metres,1 metre. I will avoid going near anybody
until this virus has gone or we are inoculated against it.

When a vaccine is available, if at all, I shall wait a bit to see if any reports
of bad side effects, remembering it has been developed very quickly and
Thalidomide some years ago.


Me too…not going near anybody.

Reducing to One Metre?

The current 2 metre rule should be increased not reduced, if anything.

The Virus is still rampant out there, no matter what Johnson says about being over
The Peak. You only have to do the basic maths & join up the dots, to know the actual figure of fatalities is far beyond the published figures.

This lessening of distance promoted by Gvt, is all part of their mantra to try to get big business back on its feet, which I understand to a degree yet not at the cost of human life.

As far as I am concerned as an individual & carer, I won’t be venturing out there, till its proven to be safe and a vaccine at play.

Anything else is Russian routlette with our loved ones wellbeing & our own.

So go forth Johnson if you like but count me out. Life is far more precious than his business needs. You would have thought that would have dawned on him after his personal experience. Yet no, same old Tories.

Government and stock holders are getting nervous. We are now told we ought to wear cloth masks but not everyone does, or can.

I haven’t really seen anything being done to make the virus go away, have you?

Nick Abbot on LBC Radio was his usual amusing self on Friday evening and said Johnson and Co had done such a good job of keeping us at home that it would be difficult to persuade us to leave our homes. After you, Prime Minister!

Once this government mentions it, they continue to do it, regardless.

if I am honest I prefer to be at least ten feet or more from people on a walk!

Coughs can go a long way.

And hardly anyone is wearing a mask yet.

I keep even further from joggers.

Nothing on earth would persuade me to go into a shop or on a bus either!

I think I took social distancing 1 step too far Friday…when I fell down the stairs and nearly broke my left knee and hip, right shoulder, wrist, and ankle. Luckily I was okay. I won’t be doing that again in a hurry :laughing:

Omg Maine

Lucky you didn’t end up in hospital!

You’ll find it difficult to fall down stairs slowly. :laughing:

Social distancing is an inexact science, and I don’t envisage it being anything else. You may manage to keep two metres away from someone else most of the time. If you need to pass someone, thereby being less than 2 m apart for a second or so, it probably does not matter much.

What I think is being officially ignored at present is the effect of being enclosed in a small space. Common sense dictates that in this situation, the risk of infection is increased, especially compared with being out in the open. I do visit supermarkets but I avoid lifts. They are small, enclosed spaces. Even if I can manage to travel in one by myself there is no knowing who was last in and how recently. I take the painfully-slow travellator ramp instead, if I have a trolley.

I don’t think the 2 m social distance will be relaxed any time soon.

Cloudygirl…I was lucky I didn’t end up in hospital. I haven’t fallen down the stairs since 1983, so it was a bit of a shock!
Ayjay…I think I broke the world record for the fastest fall down the stairs. Good job no-one else was in front of me at the time as bang would go the social distancing rules lol.

What with the NHS staff getting ‘fast track’ now, into some stores, I have noticed ‘they’(from possible NHS admin to chief exec and as long as they have an NHS card) are also dismissing any social distancing and just waltzing in (pushing in is another word for it).
If the rest of us minions are going to be required to reduce social distancing to 1 metre, then it looks like we’ll have to take a ruler out with us (No discount included). I mean presently, it’s a queue of 2 metres per person, into shops and supermarkets but once in the shop having to pass someone on some of those slim aisles is ridiculous. Other than contorting your head into shop shelves and risking the entire row of self-raising flour to fall like dominos never mind the jars of jam…you inevitably end up having to pass someone close by. To be fair, I’d rather risk making a victoria sandwich…on the shop floor than passing closely some of ‘the fast track mob’.