Coronavirus pets

hi i cant seee anything on here about peoples beloved pets as they are part of the family as well

Internet search … Coronavirus Family Pets :

How to care for your pets if you’re ill or have to self-isolate due to coronavirus.

Currently there is no government guidance regarding pets.

However the RCVS (Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons) have said that it is an extremely remote possibility that the virus can or could be transmitted to our pets (or vice-versa). They have said that we should continue to take normal hygiene precautions like washing our hands after petting our animals and disinfecting surfaces (like worktops) that they have the habit (!!) of jumping up on.

Personally I have already made arrangements with a neighbour that she would feed my cat if I should be hospitalised with COVID 19.

Sadly vets aren’t open at the moment. DD dog has had an op to cancer in the nose poor thing. She had her check up but has now to go to an emergency vet for removal of stitches. So it’s going to be harder to get to a vet if needed.

A lot of vets are open but only allowing one pet in at a time and some are telling you to wait in your car outside and one of the vets (or nurses) collect your pet from you, do whatever is necessary and then bring your pet back to you - the idea being to limit the amount of human to human contact.

we had to call vets for advice yesterday concerning out frenchie he seems to be sore around his mouth and he is making it bleed when rubbing him self on mats cost of treatment without a vet coming out was £92 so no change in cost due to coronavirus lockdown

Has anyone seen any advice about dogs and needing to be on leads.

Was on a local walk yesterday and five dogs were off lead.

Two dogs from different families did a meet and greet.

Found it all very anxiety provoking as I was worried a dog would come and jump all over us and spread the virus to us.

A few of the dogs were running around like mad things.

I am normally fine with dogs.

may be this will help you to understand

The World Health Organisation issued updated information on Thursday 13 March saying "at present there is no evidence that companion animals/pets such as dogs or cats can be infected with the new coronavirus.

It’s also been said (by a vet speaking on the news) that although the virus can survive for some time on hard surfaces (i.e. door handles etc) it can’t survive on soft surfaces for very long (i.e. fabric/animal fur etc) so it’s highly unlikely that anyone would contract COVID 19 from contact with an animal that has come into contact with a human who has it.

However I do think at the moment it would be best if dogs were kept on leads so as to limit human to human contact should the dog run off !

our frenchie rocco has a lump come up inbetween he eye and his eyebrow connacted vets only emergencys available wont execpt photo of lump either so not only humans will suffer but our beloved pets as well !!

Dean and Suzie

Thank you both…that helps…I was quite stressed yesterday.

I went for a solo walk today…I felt I could dodge people better. Sticking to guidelines not to use car to go for a walk.

Managed to find some fields close to me with no one and no dogs…and a nice view from the top… bliss.