Dogs and cats 'could spark second deadly wave

There has been conflicting advice on whether pets can spread the disease but pet owners are being urged to keep their cats indoors and their dogs on a lead as researchers call for animals to be tested

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To be honest, I think this information is absurd. I’m sure that cats and dogs can’t be carriers of this virus. I think that pets can release their hair or an unpleasant smell. Also, if you don’t take care of your pet, give injections on time, give medicines for worms, then it can infect you with worms. But if we are talking about the coronavirus, I am sure that this is misinformation. By the way, as for the unpleasant smell or pet hair, I found a solution to this problem. If you’re interested, you can read these reviews Best Air Purifiers for Whole House (2022 Reviews Updated) + Purification w/ Hepa Filter to find out what I’m talking about.

Me too Diane. That said one of the taxi drivers told me cats could spread the disease when he was taking me to the vets! For the record, my cats are all indoors and were in a travel pen! Misinformation spreads fear. I do know quite a few friends with outdoor cats are now trying to keep them confined indoors more.

It started with an animal, probably a Bat - a mammal, as are Humans.

Animals can spread it, but the risk is low…

…and then along came the Danish Mink,(another mammal).

Don’t dismiss the possibility out of hand. August 2020 November 2020