Does having extra carers help out effect carers allowance?

Hi, I am currently caring for my dad, he is quite ill with a number of different health and mobility problems. As it stands at the moment I am wanting to get some extra help for him for a short period of time as I am finding it hard to cope as I have my own health issues to address. I would still be doing the majority of the caring but would like someone there to help me out a little. Does anyone know if it would affect my carers allowance if I got extra help in? As I don’t work due to caring for my dad so this and income support is my only source of income. Thanks in advance Lee-Anne

When my Mother was alive I was her live in carer and had carers allowance. Eventually she had to have two carers 4 times a day and my carers allowance carried on.

Straight answer … no … provided the criteria for claiming CA is met.

What your post does scream out for is upto to date NEEDS and CARER assessments through your LA.

Needs :

Getting a social care needs assessment - NHS

Carers :

Carer's assessment | Carers UK

It is vital that you look after yourself, and that means ensuring that dad has the care he needs too.

It sounds as if he is now very ill, and that if you were not around, he would need nursing home care? One person CANNOT replace a team of staff on her own. The more help dad has, the longer you can care for him. It isn’t a sign of failure to ask for help.

Is he mentally OK?
Do you have Power of Attorney?
Does he own his home?
Does he have over £23,000 (yes/No)

Also Lee-Anne, the cost of paying for that care should come from Dads money, not yours. If he cant afford ot or is on benefits then the Council should contribute.
Call them and book him a care assessment ASAP