Extra carer allowance

Hello everyone
I’m new here,
Was wondering if you could kindly help.
I’ve received DLA and carer allowance for my son with ASD since 2009.
Also extra carer allowance. I’ve put my dad’s name down for extra carer allowance as he’s helping me with my son.
Now , I had to reapply by 31-st of may .
I left it a bit too late and my application reached them on the 30-th of may.so still before end of deadline.
Unfortunately , meantime carer allowance stopped as disability allowance was still pending.
Meantime I got the disability and carer allowance but no extra carer allowance as apparently it’s been abolished. And my application being late ,it’s now considered a new application. Anyhow they’ve sent me a new form to apply for extra carer allowance for they to reconsider. They were surprised though that my dad is helping to look after the child , apparently the husband should be in the application for extra carer allowance and not another family member??? Isn’t another family member allowed to get extra carer allowance?
Many thanks for help
It’s very confusing

Hi Laura.

Only one ration of Carers Allowance per caree … even if 3 are needed.

( You claiming CA for your son , your father claiming CA for you ??? )

Helps to explain why there are an increasing number of 24 / 7 carers.

That rule has not changed since the introduction of Invalid Care Allowance back in 1976 :


On the benefits front , if you care to spell out the precise relationship of all family members involved , we might be able to help.

In the interim , an online benefits calculator for you to crunch some numbers :

Turn2us Benefits Calculator

Anything unsuspected revealed ???


If you give us a bit more information about your son and the care he needs, there might be other funding available to your family.
What support are you getting from Social Services?

No no ,
It’s a misunderstanding from my part :slight_smile:
Nobody gets carer allowance for me ,ha ha ,so funny :slight_smile:
I was only interested to know whether extra carer allowance has been abolished or not?
I would like somebody to care for me though :slight_smile:
Many thanks

I was only interested to know whether extra carer allowance has been abolished or not ?

Never existed in the first place … as per my first reply.