Disabled facilities grant?

Hi all,

Does anyone know if you need the involvement of a person’s social worker to apply for a disabled facilities grant? One of my carees is pretty desperate to get some work done to better access their home, but their social worker is an absolute nightmare and we’d all rather not involve them if possible.

Does anyone know if a DFG is done just through occupational therapy or do social services have to be involved too?

Thanks all.

Google for full info, but the money is controlled by the local housing authority, not SSD, but usually requires an OT report. Do not do ANY work at all before it’s sorted formally., or you will get nothing.

Sw normally refers to LA OT

Don’t believe you need SW involvement apart from that.

Usually, grants by charities are only consider if you have been refused by your Local Authority. As stated by others contact the Boroughs O/T.