Advice please on government financial assistance and CA

:slight_smile: Hi there,
I wondered if anybody would be able to give me some guidance on a bit of a complicated situation please?
I receive Carers Allowance for looking after my husband but we also share the tenancy with a family friend who has learning difficulties. I make his food, do his washing, shopping etc and give support him generally.
His family are going to apply for financial help from the government for his support, but as we are on benefits, (my husband receive Pip and contribution-based ESA, me the CA and 12.50 a week for a small job), I’m guessing we won’t be able to receive any money for care?
Thanks so much in advance.

Is this a formal relationship with the person concerned?
Start by asking Social Services to do a Carers Assessment for you and a Needs Assessment for both husband and the person with LD.
What are your respective ages?
It is quite possible that you can receive “Direct Payments” for the person with LD.
My own son has LD, he is 42, lives in a privately rented flat with carer support. You need to always think ahead about who will care for this person long term, ensuring that he/she gets out and about a lot, makes friends with others, so that when the time comes for him/her to move out, they are as independent as possible.

Hi, thank you for your kind advice. There is no formal relationship, our families are friends and the young man in question (36 yrs old) wanted to live separately from family so moved in with us a year ago. All our names are on the rental tenancy. He gets PIP and ESA. We are 55 and 57 years old. Fortunately his family have all his care planned out for the future and in writing etc. May i ask if you’ve any idea where we would find a guide to what we would even ask financially for his care. Thank you

You are asking the wrong question! Your role is more like a Shared Lives" arrangement, which could be funded by Social Services NOT DWP. This is why you need to talk to Social Services!

Thank you x

Sorry to piggy back someone elses conversation, but could I ask where I’d find information about the help from social services please? I’m a carer for both my mum and dad, they’re both of pension age and my mum has just had her PIP revoked, which we are challenging. But I didn’t know about social services help? I have had some assistance from MacMillan as my dad has terminal cancer, but I need someone to be able to sit with me and go through everything we could get or are getting to make sure its the right things. Thank you in advance!

Hi Laura,

There is info on Needs Assessments here Needs assessment | Carers UK

However, since your Dad is sadly terminally ill he should be eligible for fast track CHC. The GP can action this.

Regarding what you are entitled too I suggest you contact the helpline:

Our telephone Helpline is available on 0808 808 7777 from Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm or you can contact us by email (>> )