Assessments by social services

Hi everyone
I have a question regarding assessments by LA.
I realise that it is needs based but at these assessments how much support can you request.
My circumstances are I care for adult dependant son with severe learning disability, he is 28.
He does not want too leave home.
I have health problems but managed to care also as I have no job, friends, partner.
My son only has 4 hours once a week at a centre. That is costing £150 a month. Used very little LA resources over the years, trying too cope and it’s made me ill.
I’ve had an assessment today by the social worker and requested support hours for a
personal assistants which are family, who do not live with us, because he’s tried for years but doesn’t get on with people so it’s the only way I can see I can have a break.
LA said that I can have some hours but really he should be in supported living and if I request too many I shouldn’t be caring.
I replied why can’t i have hours for a day off and they do what I do, and a sleep in.
Again I felt like was being interrogated.
I’m upset by this today, I’ve cared for him, we’re very close.
Can anyone please offer non judgemental advice please?
Thank you.

Hello there,
Well either that social worker was a complete waste of space or had no training in how to interact with people in a stressful situation. To give them benefit of the doubt they may have been trying to express concern for you and the amount of help you need and probably ‘assisted living’ is a practical idea from their point of view, but that’s not what you want to hear right now.
I haven’t been in your position so I cannot give practical advice, just wanted to say hello really. However we have a member here is a ‘warrior queen’ when it comes to fighting for her son’s rights and if Bowlingbun is around and not away from home or anything then she is the expert in this area and hopefully will reply to you.
We don’t judge here, just try to be sympathetic and supportive. There will be questions which are to enable us to help you, so don’t feel that anyone is just being nosy and you don’t have to answer anything you feel uncomfortable with at the moment.
I believe that you can ask for as much assistance from SS as you feel you need, but whether it is granted is another story.
I haven’t been actively caring for a few years now so I am not ‘up to speed’ but other people are and will be along soon.

Thank you Elaine very kind to reply and offer advice.
Very much appreciated. :smiley:


My son with SLD is now 40, he lives in supported living (I have health problems). He has day services every day and 34 hours a week domiciliary care. He’s happy sleeping alone in his flat at night, so no night cover.

He is a much loved member of our family, his flat is a real home from home, we have made it very cosy together, and I have been around to help him settle in.

You need to start planning for his future, when you are no longer able to care for him. That means at least five full days of some sort of day service 9-4, away from you. It is NOT up to your son to say whether or not he lives with you. It is YOUR choice whether or not you care for him. He has no right to live in your house whatsoever.

My son needs support to do anything in the community, and he needs company and something to do during the day.
His care package is very substantial. You are being fobbed off! Start by checking on the HCPC website to see if your social worker is a registered professional.