Direct Payments Audit Checks

My mother has been getting DP from the council for 9 months since then no audit checks have been done and it seems they just pay the money in or most likley its a computer algo. Do they ever do audit checks or as I imagine if its only if someone reports you and they receive some sort of tip off from a company?

Hi Pipsy,

it seems to depend on where you live.


I certainly know of someone who has been contacted for one of these.

Just make sure you spend the money on what has been agreed to cover your back

And keep receipts too

Do they ask for the money back if spent outwith the plan or do they just remove you forever? Do they give you a warning or 3 strikes and your out?

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They are supposed to do checks every 3 months, but like everything else relating to SSD, what they are supposed to do, and what they actually do, are very different!

Ive been on it since 05th January and no checks have been done to date. I remember someone on here mentioned they got a check done 6 years after they first got the budget approved and it got suspended due to him taking a taxi for 6 years to places!

Its been 1 year and 4 months and no checks or warnings or investigations have been done. I feel they just set up the direct payments like a direct debit and forget it about it. They did notify me of an early payment! but dont really engage with you like the DWP its less formal. The only correspondance they have sent me was increase in pay due to the new minimum wages for the year.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you spend your direct payment on things which were not allowed as they do not check it unless your reported by an agency or person. I don’t know about other local authorities by Glasgow council anyway.

Just an update and advice I can give to everyone DO NOT ASK FOR A REVIEW or more hours they will investigate the minor transactions and suspend or stop your support for good.

PIpsy, is your Mother now without DP?