Direct Payments Success 2.5 years!


Just wanted a chin up to those fighting the councils to get a direct payment budget for those who deserve it. Its been 875 days of waiting since I first requested an assessment for my mother to finally get a direct payment finance approved. They stated you need a unique own bank account in a sole name only and to keep receipts.

I went through an advocacy service and a council run agency who administer direct payments paperwork and I think doing it through them rather than yourself helped and the council take you more seriously than fobbing you off.

Keep fighting and you will get it. I was ready to go to court over it. Now only my brothers asessment to do.

Thanks for the update, Pipsy. Well done.


All my friends and family believe it doesn’t exist yet they believe DLA and PIP exist.

When I showed them the council letter they believe me then. I’m so proud of myself and thankful to God for this it makes a huge difference to our lives and lifts the burden off carers and cared for imo.