Direct payments - how should I proceed

Hi there I took over providing my mother’s care package at the beginning of April after she was informed she could employ a family member because of the circumstances. It was agreed by social services who said I was best placed to provide the package at that time. The council informed me to pay myself directly from the direct payment.

I said to worker recently that the figures in the direct payment didn’t reflect the usual amount and she emailed me saying it looked fine from her end, stating the figures.

However she stated it was X amount per week multiplied by 4 (only accounting for 28 days in a month). It was always worked out on an hourly basis and so I checked the support plan she had recently sent and it had the exact X amount that she had correctly stated per week, but the support plan figures accounted for the whole month and not just 28 days so it was a bit higher.

I pointed out that her figures don’t include the full month but she didn’t reply. Even though I am caring for my mother now full time, and more than the 5 hours a day that is paid for, i feel maybe I shouldn’t push this any further and I should just accept what is there? Maybe as a family member I’m expected to settle for less? If that was the case I wouldn’t have too much of a problem with that but I just want it to be clear. I’ve only made one payment to myself since it began because of the confusion.

Should I just let it go or ask why it is now different?

Thanks in advance

Get it in writing from the person you have been speaking to, then make a formal complaint to the council.

I think it would be more effective and simple for your mother to have a direct payment that is managed.

They will pay you direct each month.

They would make things much clearer. They would get the money from the council and pay you directly each month.

I am thinking the council may have worked out the amount incorrectly as most months have more than 28 days! They need to get the figure correct.