Direct payments for alzheimer's care for my mum

This is the first time I have ever posted a question or chatted on line but I really need some advice. My mum has alzheimer’s stage 2 and is cared for at home, I took a carer break from work to be with her and in January a care Assesment was conducted on mum and we were told carers would be put into place, 8 weeks later nothing? Adult Social care called to find out how mum was getting along with her carers and I advised they had not turned up. I was told I would be called back, two weeks later a further assessment once again took place and my family were told there were NO council carers available and they had no idea when that situation would change? They suggested Direct Payments and I completed all forms and arranged private carers for mum, now out of the blue I have been told I have to have council carers? No reason given, I strongly disagreed with this action, mums has spent months getting to know her carers, I have kept all invoices and bank statements proving payments to a reputable care company. Can they legally stop mums direct payments? I am so upset and angry. Has anybody been in this position? Many thanks Helen

Direct payments are to give you more choice and control, you get the money, you employ your own carers rather than council carers or i think you can do a combination yours and council.

No they can’t stop Direct Payments, has your mum got better and doesn’t need the care?

No then your mum is still entitled to Direct Payments.

The council like and encourage Direct Payments as they don’t have all the responsibility of doing everything, supplying the care etc.

I would suggest contact the CQC-Care Quality Commision, especially as you had no carers for 8 weeks.

Hopefully others will advice but yes very unfair on your mum, she has got to know the carers then they are taken away.

Has the council given a reason, normally Direct Payments is a lot easier for the council?

Direct payments can be taken away if you are committing fraud not using the money properly, but like you say you have employed private carers and kept all the invoices/bank statements.

Maybe they have made a mistake, but they have to explain their actions and reasons.

I wish to thank you for the time you took to reply.
My mums care needs have not changed, infact she is in slight decline.
I will follow your advice as it is important to me to keep using the direct payment scheme.
I have had a call from the Manager of the lady who is trying to remove direct payments and she is visiting me and my mum Friday morning.
I sincerely hope they fully explain the changes they wish to implement and why,as to me it makes no sense. I am using a well known reputable agency and have all their invoices, so I’m just puzzled by what is occurring. The council were the ones who told me they could not provide council carers after leaving her with no carers for eight weeks! The majority of costs are covered by mum anyway…
Once again I cannot thank you enough for your help. Hope you are well.
Thank you Helen

This link is actually from Wales but its the same principles.

Legally you are entitled to have direct payments, also called a personal budget, giving you more choice and control.

Unless the council has decided to stop all direct payments and awarded a massive contract to private carers.

But i don’t think the council can do that without consulting you, all seems very wrong this.

Maybe someone has reported you for fraud?

Wait until Friday but maybe try contacting Citizens advice, see what they say.

Hope you get some answers.

Usually council run care agencies are a lot cheaper than private ones .

However, i see that as no reason to stop the direct payment.

Hi Helen,

And welcome to the Forum. Hope you find it useful.

A strange situation as most councils are moving towards direct payments. However, one option that you might want to consider as a compromise is that the council pays your agency directly their share and you pay what I understand to be the majority of the bill. It would mean the agency agreeing to this mixed funding but as long as they get paid, I can see no objection.

Obviously it would be better for you to pay as you are doing now but it would be interesting to find out why this is not possible, especially in these times of reduced staffing at councils.

It may also be worth asking the Citizens Advice Bureau or even a solicitor (first hour of advice usually free) if the Council can enforce this legally.

Good luck with your meeting. Let us know how it goes.