Direct Payment

Hi all, I’m new here and not really sure if I’m doing this right but I was wondering if anybody could help me regarding the carers direct payment, I am my partners carer and we recieved a direct payment for help with holidays/breaks. My question is, do I have to apply every year for this or request an assessment every year? Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Hi Cheryl … welcome to the canteen.

Direct Payments ?

NIDirect for the full sp :
Direct payments for carers | nidirect

I will assume that no DP monies are paid over to your caree are then passed over to you ?
LA Assessments ?

MoneyAdviceService … one of the better ones :

One section which will be of immediate interest :


Reviewing your care and support plan

Once your care and support plan has been agreed you have a right to ask for a review at any time if you think your care needs or your financial situation has changed.

Even if nothing has changed, the local authority must review it regularly, usually once a year.

Housing / benefits / support … any problems ?

Online benefits checker to ensure that all benefits / allowances out there are being claimed :

A couple of reports externally to the forum of claimants being thankful for it.

A link I tend to include in all emails to carers and others needing help / advice off this forum.