Direct payment:

Hi anyone advice me about rules of employing a family member on direct payment. Also we gone to direct payment route as an options to support and meet a family member needs . We found out the direct payment is being agreed for 12 months but a care provider had been chosen to take over a huge package . We don’t have a say or a choice who can look after our family apart from making payment as 3rd party agreement.
My idea of direct payments is to meet the person needs and employed suitable people for the job requiring skilled, compassionate, understanding and caring roles for complexi individuals. I have work different carers for 5 years only a handful that truly understands and are enthusiastic and willing to change or make a difference on someone life , very little can impact but so many people can actually destroy someone life when you don’t get the right care and meet the person centred approach. I want to make this changes and focus on how to help my family members but all I need is support. Would I be able to get paid for myself using direct payments funding.? Please anyone advise me . They have given another provider 12 monthsCare contract to Rather than actually freeing from this approach to make this catered for the person they are supporting. Please anyone help me on the next step what should I do next and my rights to look after my family best interest.

Download the Care Act Regulations 2014, print them off, arm yourself with a highlighter pen, and read.
The council have directly commissioned care by the sound of it, wheras once needs have been assessed there is supposed to be discussion about how the budget is spent. Sounds like it hasn’t been done properly. I’m now investigating legal action, all attempts to resolve the same issues have failed.
I’m in Hampshire.