Social services have told us that mum will need residential care and that will cover her needs which are ‘severe cognitive impairment and memory loss’ rather than dementia. This conclusion was reached after they spent an hour with mum. However we have been through the first stage of the NHS CHC process and they have told us that mum will receive NHS funded nursing benefit. So where do I go with that? What type of home. I believe it is only a nursing home to receive the NHS money, but at the same time, I think mum would do better in residential care. However I do want to future proof things for her. Any thoughts please.

Georgie girl,

look for a home that provides both. Some will offer both residential care and nursing care. Then she can start off in the residential care part and move into nursing care as her needs increase. Ensure it is a home that is able to cope with people with your Mum’s diagnosis.


Georgie Girl.

Yes , make sure she is in a care home which offers residential care as well as nursing care, so if her needs do change you won’t have to move her .

Also, does your mum receive Attendance Allowance which is a tax free social security benefit which is not means tested

Good luck with everything.


Is she getting NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding?
They should be telling you which homes they have an arrangement with. It should have an EMI section, Elderly Mentally Impaired, so that she will never have to move again. Where has she been living until now?

Thanks for your replies everyone. What you have said totally makes sense.