nursing homes

hello, mum is 92 with mixed dementia currently in a residential home for respite, social services nurses are returning where i care for her and for carers to come in. she recently went into hospital for a uti and dehydration, i think she has nursing needs- nutrition and hydration, constipation, mobility etc but the nurses said she wouldn’t get more care in a medium or large nursing home. can anyone kindly advise? p.

Hi Philip.

Two issues spring to mind … hospital discharges and CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare.\

The latter should be considered in any hospital discharge … especially if the nursing aspect has increased.

thankyou, she is getting chc funding for now
yes, she would have a care plan i would think, as the article says.

Your welcome.

As for a possible change in nursing home . the CHC criteria covers that in the preliminary stages.

In view of her age, her general health, as well as the dementia, means that she is on the downhill slide.

At some time, residential care is going to be almost inevitable. In the meantime, CHC should meet all her needs at home.

Have a look round the homes in your area, so that mum can perhaps have regular respite in the one you like most.

If she has already been granted CHC, then she could choose a nicer home than those that CHC fund, and pay the difference from her pension and savings.

Gathering information about her finances is now vital, if you haven’t done this already.