Available Grants?

Hello everyone. My mother has Parkinson’s and 5 years ago, her doctor prescribed her the wrong medication and her health diminished significantly, which also led to her developing severe panick attacks which last several hours at a time. Immediately after this event, my caring duties increased significantly. Also, around about the same time as this incident I was in the process of setting up a videography business but had to abandon it as the stress of looking after my mum was too much. I also had to sell my equipment to help with living costs.

I’m 40 soon, and scared my life is passing me by, and I feel ready to get back to making this business work but don’t have the equipment.

Does anyone know of any organisations that help carers with funding to do such things? I’ve made many many enquiries but I’m getting no-where. I just find it hard to believe that carers do not or cannot get help for this kind of thing.

I’m at the end of my tether and feel trapped with no way out. If someone can advise, it would be much appreciated.


Hi George … welcome to an extremely quiet forum as I type.

Grants for carers ?

Business grants for carers ?

Too distinct animals … almost all grants for carers are for caring related activities and aids for caring … adaptions to residential
property being a classic example of the latter.

( Internet search … GRANTS TO FAMILY CARERS FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES … throws up nothing specific. )

Internet search … GRANTS FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES … will throw up a whole host … from start up type guides to actual players
out there willing to consider financing new ventures … a " Dragons Den " type scenario.

( Nowadays , some with take the social media route and literally present their proposition to others for investment purposes. )

As a carer , investing in a proposed business venture cuts no ice … nor would totally financing such a venture without whatever
input from said carer … in essence , a partnership between capital and labour … each providing 100% … with almost the total
risk falling on capital ???

On the day to day caring side , any specific problems we can help with ?

Hi Chris,

Many thanks for your reply. I did think it was a bit if a shot in the wind, hoping maybe there was some kind of help available that I didn’t know about.

It’s really unfortunate, but I appreciate you highlighting those points for me as I’m beginning to understand now that being a carer on its own is not really going to go far in helping find something.

And thanks for asking, but it is what it is, quite depressing situation really, as I approach 40 I’m trying to keep optimism that I’ll eventually be able to live my life…

I could of course walk away, but its not really an option as my conscience wouldn’t allow :slight_smile:

Your welcome , George.

Escaping from CarerLand ?

Around 100,000 escape committees around as I type.

For many , either you or your caree coming out in a wooden box is the only surefire escape route !

Hi George,

Welcome to the forum.

Maybe mum could help financially? Can you give us a bit more information about her circumstances?
How much help does she need?
Does she have over £23,000 in savings?
Own her home?

Claim Attendance Allowance?
Date of last Social Services Needs Assessment?
Date of your last Carers Assessment?