CHC funding?

please can anyone give me advice on CHC funding? My husband was fast tracked to a nursing home on CHC funding nearly three months ago and is due to be reassessed any time . He has constant seizures and dementia and although the seizures seem to be controlled slightly he had to be sent back to hospital last weekend as his behavior became unmanageable. The hospital sent him back to the nursing home after a few hours of checks and they now have meds to stop him getting too agitated. However I am really worried if they can suddenly take away the funding. Has anyone had similar experience of this? Gill

Hi Gill
Sadly I have had experience. The last review the assessor kept banging on that my hubby’s needs are now managed. Saying that the health issues are managed as he was hospitalised if needed. He had very complex needs. Fortunately for me the social worker kept challenging this, and she eventually said to gather more evidence. I had gathered evidence from records, and the hospital and the DOLs assessment. I insisted that his needs were NOT managed otherwise he wouldn’t constantly have to be hospitalised. Sometimes he refused to take medication , and I insisted that was NOT managing his needs. Even with the medication, hubby’s aggressive outbursts reared if the staff didn’t handle him as he needed.
Unpredictable is a key word to keep using. One day hubby was an angel, the next a devil! The day after he was hospitalised again, which I believe was in his favour regarding funding.
Have you read all of your husband’s records? Insist they record every detail, from being non compliant, every time he has an outburst, if he has refused to have personal needs sorted, if he has refused food and drink. Hopefully the staff at the home can explain his needs are difficult to manage. It’s very hard, because you are talking about someone you love, and in a negative way.
Don’t allow any staff to say " I don’t have a problem with him" . I challenged that, saying maybe you don’t, but the carers do! So it’s research time, highlighting all of the times it’s been a challenge at the home etc.
You can appeal should the funding be taken away,( fingers crossed it’s not)
I’m sorry I can’t tell you all will be ok ( wish I could) but hold your head high, stay strong, and challenge. Let them see you know the criteria.

Hi Gill.

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In short … has the health of the recipient improved ???

If not , it would be difficult to envisage a cutback … unless … purely from a financial prospective.

In which case , any attempt to do just that would be on very shaky ground … it’s not a LA involved here !

( As a side issue , I hope you are NOT topping up any fees here ??? )