Covid Vaccine Thoughts

I was just wondering has anyone else thought of when or indeed if a vaccine is ready where we would get it?
would it be in the GP surgery do you suppose?
I ask that because I have been shielding since March with my son and daughter who have various medical conditions also learning difficulties, but I worry that all my hard work would be at risk of going on a bus to the end of the terminus route to get the vaccine.
I know I am being very previous, but no matter how I try I come to a dead-end at what situation that would be.

GP surgery is the obvious place, but there could be vaccination stations set up in the same way that testing stations are now.

I think I’d consider a taxi in preference to public transport, it’s may seem expensive, but it’s a one-off, and may just be the best way to avoid undoing all of your efforts to keep safe up to now.

I’m hoping pharmacies will be able to do them. That’s where I had my flu jab. There is a separate consulting room.

Quote below from a news report today:-

GPs could distribute a Covid vaccine on Christmas Day and Boxing Day in a bid to protect people in the UK, it has been reported.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock is expected to announce plans next week for jabs to be supplied as early as next month.

Family doctors could have capacity to offer the jab seven days a week between 8am and 8pm.

It is believed major cities will also have a Covid-19 vaccination centre to help speed up the distribution of the jab.

GPs could be supported by 3,000 mobile units, with teams visiting care homes and vulnerable people, the newspaper reported.

Just for once, are we carers and our carees going to be near the front, rather than the back, of the queue?!?!

Although at my age I would be offered the vaccine, as I lead a very solitary life I will not have it
in case of nasty reactions. When it’s well tried and tested on the population I might have it then.