Council are a bunch of scammers

Hi all,

So I recently put in for a grant for my mum to help bridge the shortfall between moving house and paying two rents.

We have been told that she can get a housing payment from the council to help.

Because housing is so in demand these days, sign ups are becoming immediate. In order to get this property mum had to pay two weeks rent upfront regardless of housing benefits.

Obviously she can’t afford it so I paid it. We were told we would get this back though the council.

We applied for the payment, however it is saying on their site that it’s taking 5 weeks to process all grants (including the emergency funds grant)- note the word emergency. Even then it depends. I’ve just spoken to someone and they say it’s unlikely we will ever see that money again as it’s been paid and the council see it as a done thing.

But we had to pay it. We actually put on the form it’s to prevent homelessness. People can’t wait 5 weeks to get notice, it’s like they are doing it on purpose.

So great hundreds of pounds down now, but it’s okay. I’m glad to see the money goes on advertising stupid pointless campaigns about financial help and the cost of living crisis. Just virtue signalling.