Housing dilemma

Hi all,

So I am stuck in abit of a dilemma. I don’t know what the right call of action to take is.

So as I have mentioned previously mum is waiting to be housed in an assisted living facility. The one she needs is manned by carers and other support staff. There are three of these facilities in the city, however she needs to be near places which are familiar to her meaning only one is available.

As things stand there is no indication of how long she is expected to wait. I encouraged her to call the team dealing with it on Friday and they gave her wishy washy info about the process and they can’t tell us anything because they can’t meet expectations that sort of thing, yady yady ya. Whilst I understand the problems with housing expecially in my area right now, I do not believe this is a good enough reason to not try to find alternatives.

The fact that the government wastes billions per week on housing all sorts of vulnerable, homeless, asylum seekers, victims of dv, and disabled people in hotels. The fact is the government and councils could build these facilities hundreds if not thousands of these facilities in a year on just that money alone, but they don’t.

Her previous social worker encouraged her to go on the council housing list, and the other day even though she hasn’t been bidding, I received a call to say that she’s been scoped for a property. At the time I recieved the call I was on a work job. After I heard the message, I cheered thinking it was the assisted living, however once I called back it was not the case.

In fact it kind of annoyed me. I spoke to the woman about the issues.

The problem is the “how long is a piece of string” approach does not work. Do i encourage mum to go for the property and lend her some money, have time off work to help her move and then set up a whole new set of finances, only to potentially then receive a call from the extra care team to say that a place has come up a week, a month or a couple of months later. However in this situation she might not be able to because she would be locked in a temporary contract and then forced to wait again.

Even in that situation the care system does not work because now mum is unable to save thanks to the council and their stupid legislation on how much of someone’s own money an individual should have access to. So to potentially make someone move twice is a lot, expecially after they take a large chunk of it.

Any ideas. I have said to mum that if nothing happens in the next few months we will go to the local MP for help as by then she would have waited 18 months despite being classed as a priority.

Hi coolcar98, speak to citizen advice about it would be best. It might be worth making her the responsibility of the council or the courts? I know that they do it with children but I not sure if they do it for a vulnerable adult but someone should know.