Could YOU get care fees 100% funded?

Could YOU get care fees 100% funded? Find out the six key steps to success when applying for NHS cash to cover your bills

Thank you so much for posting this Melly. It has been on my “to do” list for ages and I must get round to it. I tried a couple of years ago but didn’t get past the first stage.

I was reading yesterday about Ed Sheeran’s praise for the NHS who cared for his Grandma. He also said he has used the NHS himself on several occasions. I am sure he is a lovely guy but he is a multi millionaire or even billionaire and his Nan was cared for FREE for months. My Mum doesn’t get a penny in help from anybody despite only having the proceeds of selling her house to pay her care home fees. Those proceeds are rapidly diminishing.

If she could get NHS CHC it would be a massive help. Thanks again Melly.

This is really useful thank you. My dad was assessed in October 2019, he didn’t qualify for full funding at the time but we were offered 6 weeks of joint funded respite. Dad has since deteriorated physically and mentally (dementia) so much so that I’m waiting to get him reassessed.

Unfortunately because of Covid19, the CCG are not currently doing any assessments and they’ve been on hold since March. The only way to get a DST done now is if a clinical practitioner fast tracks the need due to end of life.

Not sure Elizabeth, if you saw this link on one of your other threads, always worth checking all the ins and outs for yourself as the professionals often don’t know it all themselves!

There is information on CHC during Covid here > Changes to NHS Continuing Healthcare | COVID-19 Legislation - Beacon