Awarded fully funded CHC but denied PHB and Direct Payment

I helped my partner apply for CHC and got awarded fully funded due to his care needs.
He lives on his own and I help him on my weekends and on my day off work in the week.
From the start we have stated that my partner wants Direct Payment so he can employ a PA.
We were advised by the Social Worker to complete the forms as if on my partner’s worst days.
Three months on, we are chasing the payments and have been told that the powers that be can not authorise a PHB or Direct Payments until they have sent their own employed/chosen care staff in.
Is this correct? We already have someone (me) in place who knows his needs and can carry out the needs (manual bowel evacuation, help with catheter changes, help with changing position, help with general everyday needs etc etc etc)
He has already been assessed for his needs and we feel they are trying to get out of paying Direct Payments.

I’m dismayed. Clearly some one granted CHC has very high care needs!! It’s time to get tough. Write to the Chief Executive of the CCG, it’s an utter disgrace. Is the GP helping get this sorted??? The CCG will have a Complaints Officer. Contact them too.