Continuing Health Care

My Wife’s care is currently fully funded by Adult Care because of the level of Healthcare support needed she is being moved to NHS Continuing Healthcare. We ran out of funds and assets years ago, so it should not make any ďifference to us financially. However I do get 12hrs each week of respite care funded by Adult Care and I have asked the question “will that continue and whi funds it” Has anyone out there in Unpaid Carer land been involved in changing from Adult Care funding to NHS CHC funding, if yes how did it work.

Hi Norman

You were assessed as needing that help and that has not changed. It should continue. Health should pay for it but frankly it doesn’t matter who pays as long as you receive it. The important thing is that nothing should change for you. Let Health and Social Care argue about the money.

CHC should mean everything completely free now, all needs met.

Hi, my partner moved over to Continuing Health Care two years ago, he was awarded full CHC funding. I had previously been getting 16 hours in my own right for respite. Everything, including his hours, my hours, equipment and supplies, etc, moved over to CHC and was fully funded by them. Things are better with CHC as we are getting a better care package that takes into account everything we need. I hope this helps.