CHC application

In short we applied for CHC based on recommendation from or social worker and with the backing of all our health care providers including Consultants in their fields. After several postponements, due to the pandemic, eventually our application went through and we were told by the specialist nurse practitioner that we did not meet the full criteria. We appealed and submitted additional information to the appeals nurse and are waiting a response. In the meantime after 12 months and being close to a carers breakdown I was given some respite time in which my caree went into full time residential care for an extended period. On discharge from them they spoke to both myself and our social worker to say they were concerned for my welfare due to the intensity of the care I have to provide. I was told yesterday by a third party that the care house had been amazed that our CHC had been rejected and said that although we might not get full funding certainly we should be getting funding for the nursing side of it.

My question is what would funding for the nursing side provide…basically what would that funding be for?

Thanks for any help or information anyone can supply in advance

In that case, ask for a new assessment. The rules say that they MUST do a new assessment before granting Funded Nursing Care, about £150 a week I think.

Thanks for replying.

Do you mean another social services assessment, we are all in agreement that n eds have changed so just awaiting a reassessment to be completed.

We have a social care package in place already, t I don’t fully understand what changes there would be if we got funding for the nursing part?

I think the FNC is only available if the potential recipient is living in a Care Home.

It’s currently £187.60 per week.

I’ve read a bit about it and I think you’re right I don’t understand why that was mentioned when he still lives at home.

Just need to keep appealing the CHC decision, that or just say I’ve had enough and give in to a move to residential care.


I don’t know if it’s the same for the elderly but younger adults can be granted part NHS funding and part social care eg 40/60.


Thanks Kelly

I think this might apply to us. The first CHC assesment we were awarded joint funding but things have deteriorated since so we applied again to be told we still didn’t meet the criteria, to the dismay of all concerned in his care.We’re appealing this decision, it was only when the manager at the residential home said to a third party that they felt we should definitely be getting the nursing part funded it made me wonder as it’s never been mentioned before.

After the first CHC assessment was turned down, then there should automatically have been a consideration of whether or not FNC, funded Nursing Care, was applicable. I’d complain if this wasn’t done.
Also, compare the original assessment for CHC against the later one. If you were never given a copy of one or other of these assessments. request one.

I’ve got copies of both outcomes. In the first the nurse practicer disagreed with the multi agency panel and put in a recommendation that we didn’t meet the criteria The second assessment the nurse practitioner disagreed with the social worker so each put their own submission to the panel. Because I disagreed with the final outcome I had to justify the reasons I felt we did meet the criteria along with addition supporting evidence it’s now gone on to the second level of the appeal process. What’s thrown me is the mention of this nursing funding, up until now I didn’t know much about it. I thought, as someone has already mentioned, it was funding for care in nursing homes. The reason I’m am so keen on CHC funding is it would open up access to specialist care that can be provided in the home that I believe we need now.