NHSContinuing health Assessment

Mum is currently in a nursing home paid for by NHS after a short stay in hospital. Future care is currently being reviewed. Out of the blue we were contacted by NHS continuing healthcare who want to do a complete review. Any one have any experience of this process and how they interact with social services who we are having a bit of a battle with? Thanks.

You may well find NHS is a better long term option. And easier to deal with.

If there is any possibility of getting CHC, then push for it!

Sadly though, it means mum is very ill, and will need increasing care for the rest of her life. I know how hard this is. Concentrate firmly on what mum NEEDS, residential care is never what anyone wants, but if mum needs carers 24/7, CHC will make this possible.

Then you can get rid of any involvement from Social Services, mum gets all the care she needs for life FREE of change, but is still paid her pension, which you can then use, with her permission if that’s realistic, to make her final days as comfortable as possible.
If you don’t have Power of Attorney, you can apply to DWP to become her “Appointee”. Then they pay you her pension etc. which MUST be paid into a separate account, in your name, and of course it must be spent to mum’s benefit. It’s a fairly quick process to apply.

Have as much information as you can. I had this battle every 12months. Make sure the nursing home are recording every detail regarding behaviour, medication, mobility, eating etc etc. The last thing was my husband’s needs were being managed, so funding was no longer appropriate. Clearly his health issue was not being managed, as he was in and out of hospital like a yo yo, poor man. Funding was agreed as he was admitted to hospital the same evening.