3 month CHC review tomorrow

Anyone experienced the 3 month review?
Just curious as to what to expect… the initial assessment was hard work so I’m expecting the same again. Done my homework with the framework but any first hand experience would be helpful?

Be sure to take a copy of the original assessment with you. Ask yourself if anything improved?
Is the condition the same, but well managed. Then she is still entitled.

Don’t let the assessors think needs are now well managed. You still don’t get enough sleep, and am sure your wife’s needs haven’t improved. Sadly it will still be a fight. Fingers crossed it’s not.

Her condition has deteriorated in the last 3 months… fortunately it’s a face to face home visit.
I’ve got all the paperwork from the original assessment plus the hospital paperwork too…
more help is required but it won’t be that simple, it never is :flushed:

Sounds like you are well prepared, David.

Make a list of how much she has deteriorated (awful thing to do I know) and all her needs.


Well, the meeting went well despite the assessor turning up late.
They are going to recommend 24/7 care which is promising plus the option of a personal budget too…
But we’ll see what happens next as it all too often is just false promises :flushed:

David I hope not false promises after the fiasco last time! Bet you feel emotionally drained.

Well done. I hate meetings like that though, so stressful.

Totally draining but there could be positives as a result :crossed_fingers:Time will tell :flushed:

The fiasco could have been avoided Pet from what I’ve learned today ! Not what I needed to hear :flushed: