Help - Only Days Left

Hoping someone can help or has been in similar situation and offer some guidance. Mum has had CHC (Covid) Funding for previous nine months with Care Company she has used for nearly 3 years. The CHC did a reassessment and cancelled funding giving 28 days notice, the Care Company that has taken that funding for the last 9 months have now increased the cost per hour by 25%. (17 days notice). I have asked others that I know if this has happened to them but it appears it is just my Mum. It is not an annual increase just an increase.

Previous to this we were on direct payments however now a new needs assessment is being completed the Social Worker is only discussing Money and cutting Mum’s existing Care Package. (2 Carers - 4x1hour Calls a day). She is basing the Direct Payment hourly rate against what the County Council pay on a brokerage system (£16.69). This has resulted in a 12% reduction per hour. Threatening to go to high court or send Mum to any care home she can find for £650.00 as they all have vacancies.

Any advice welcome

Read the CHC Framework on these issues. They can’t send mum anywhere, they need to continue the care agency until they have done a proper reassessment! Did they go through the assessment properly, explain what needs she used to have that have gone now???

If you’d prefer to live in a care home that costs more than the amount necessary to meet your needs, it can arrange this, provided that someone is willing and able to meet the difference in cost. This is usually paid by a third party, i.e. someone who knows you, and is called a ‘top-up’ fee. The council must not ask for a ‘top-up’ when you are in a more expensive home out of necessity rather than preference.

The council must show there is at least one suitable care home available at the overall amount it calculates as necessary to meet your needs – i.e. at least one suitable care home where no top-up is required.

Doesn’t your Mum have dementia and physical problems too? Unless her health has improved(!) unlikely with her diagnosis she should still be eligible for the CHC.

Are you going to appeal?

In the meantime, they can’t cut her hours to match what they are prepared to pay. They have to pay for the time it takes to meet her assessed care needs.

Oh how stressful for you.

You could contact the Carers Uk helpline for further advice.

You can email us at > > and we will respond to your enquiries within 10 working days, although it can often be sooner.

Our telephone helpline providing information is open from Monday to Friday between 9am and 6pm - 0808 808 7777

There is also info here about making complaints Making complaints | Carers UK


They possibly will imply that your mum’s needs are now managed. Tried that with my late hubby. Look carefully and work out what needs aren’t managed completely, like sudden aggression, etc.

Thank you for all your responses.

For Clarity CHC did a Video Assessment and then DST removed funding. They gave the Care Company 28 days notice, they wrote to Mum, it was 10 days until letter was found by family. CC has used DST from CHC funding to write SS Care plan it was the same Social Worker who was on assessment. They have cut all care except food and personal care from Care Plan including replacement and respite care.

We were previously on Direct Payments and Social Worker has reduced care hours and used " Brokerage System" to determine the care value.

We could appeal CHC but could take 6 months. We could complain to County Council but they are really not interested and would just delay getting Mum care at home. Although my Mum is stable she is still classed at end of life care.