Advise please

Hello new to all this. Have been on ESA for the last 4 years and have recently been awarded the lower rate of PIP and hubby has been awarded carers allowance. These are our only incomes.

We were awarded a council tax reduction some years ago but now we have PIP and carers allowance will this effect the council tax reduction?

PIP won’t affect the Council tax reduction or the ESA.

Carer’s Allowance may affect the Council tax reduction and also the ESA,

However being a Carer often means that you get more of a means tested benefit by giving you a Carer’s premium.

Is the ESA all Contributions based or is some or all of it Income Related?

Different Councils do have different rules.

Thank you for answering. I know it effects the ESA as they have already sent me a letter reducing it because of hubby getting carers allowance . I guess i will have to contact the council and ask.