Carers allowance, with esa

today I got a letter from dwp saying that they have decided to stop paying me carers allowance, for looking after my wife who has dementia, as the esa payments, I am getting for myself is too much and therefore they will stop my carers allowance, but I only get £8.20 a week from esa, which I was getting along with my £269, 4 weekly carers allowance, there seems to be something wrong with this, can anybody help me with this, as I am totally, dumbfounded just now, and [ stressed out, one of the reasons I am on esa to start with, ],

Douglas, that really doesn’t sound right. Ring the Carers UK helpline and ask them to do a proper benefits check.

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August 2019 information posted.

Does Claiming This Benefit Affect ESA?
Yes, your carer’s allowance can affect any other benefits you receive including Employment Support and Jobseeker’s benefits.

If you receive an Employment Support benefit, you will not be paid your Carer’s Allowance but will instead receive a carer premium. This means that the premium (£34.60) will be included in the amount you receive for ESA. See the below answer for more information on overlapping benefits.

You can do a calculation but it’s only a guide.

As has be said make contact with the Carers UK helpline.

Hello Douglas

I’m sorry to hear about your current situation, which is obviously very stressful for you.

Please contact our advice line, they’ll be able to look at this for you.

Helpline : 0808 808 7777 (Monday to Friday 9am-6pm
or if you prefer Douglas please drop an email

with best wishes

A general reply about the interaction of these two benefits would be helpful Ingrid.