CHC Funding

Anyone know the in’s and outs of CHC Funding ?

Basically my mother qualifies for medical funding to cover the cost of carers in the afternoons so I could go out and work. My company has now made me redundant due to downturn in sales owing to Virus so if I apply for carers allowance will she loose the funding or heaven forbid will we loose it anyway as I’m now effectively at home and trying my very best to self isolate so not to catch the virus to pass to her

I can’t claim universal credit as I have some savings and I don’t want to claim Job Seekers as I don’t actually want to work at the minute ( gosh I hate saying those words as I’m not like that)

Any help would be appreciated



Main thread :

Applies to the person receiving it , not to anyone else , either directly nor indirectly.

In theory , CHC funding will cover ALL needs … leaving you free as a bird … even if delivered when the recipient is at home ( POINTON within that thread ? ).

( A claim for Carers Allowance with CHC funding in place ??? )

Recommend bouncing said concerns off the CAB and / or Carers UK Advice Team … both will probably be a little snowed under due to the demand on their expertise.

Any online benefit calculator would also give you an idea as to the level of financial support available to you.