Just been made redundant ( not going to lose sleep as I actually hated the job anyway) from a full time job that allowed me to work from home In morning and office in afternoon

I live at home with mum ( who owns the house and has savings) who has dementia and is blind.

She has just qualified for CHC funding. Just wondered what “my” options are in terms of benefits as Im not likely to find another full time job and so am only available part time Monday to Friday 12-6pm

My question is can I claim anything to supplement my loss of hours and will that affect mums CHC funding ?

Many thanks

Hi Linda.

CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare secured ?

Congratulations … you join a rather unique group on the forum.

Has NO affect on any benefits due to you.

Time to crunch some numbers to see what may come your way ?

Turn2us Benefits Calculator

Feel free to bounce anything further off us here on the forum

My first tip is to call Citizen’s Advice on 03444111444 for information and support. Or you can take a look at their website with more information on all benefits. Use this benefits calculator to work out what benefits you qualify for first. Also you can talk about your options with a benefits advisor face to face at your local Citizen’s Advice office.

Good luck!

Hi Linda, welcome to the forum.

Whilst I’m pleased that mum has CHC in some ways, it does of course mean that she has very serious health issues. Mum should receive all the health and social care that she needs as a result, do not let them short change mum as you live with her.
Did you know that people with dementia are exempt from Council Tax from the day of diagnosis? This can be backdated to the day of diagnosis. Do not let the council tell you differently!

Make sure you plan for some regular time out. Maybe early afternoon when mum has a nap? It’s really, really important that you keep a part of your life for yourself, because one day your caring days will be over. I so regret that I spent so many years caring for others, but when they all died, and my husband, brother, and sister in law, I found that I didn’t have the usual network of support.

How old are you and mum?

Do you use carers or not? You need a break. If you have a partner, ask for his help. My husband looks after the children and flat when I am at work. He does some of the work needed, paying bills, cooking, ironing, cleaning and so on. I deal with other things like scheduling appointments, shopping, reading to the children, teaching/playing with them and applying for benefits plus filling out forms. I also email people.

If mum qualifies for CHC funding, then make sure they provide enough care for ALL her health needs.
Have a look at the Pointon case (?Poynton).
Mum will still be entitled to her pension and Attendance Allowance, so you will be entitled to Carers Allowance as long as you are under 65. If mum has savings, then she can give you £3,000 as a gift every year under the tax rules.
Make sure that mum is paying for all the costs of caring, that includes helping with car costs as you do everything for her, etc.etc.