Please help

Please could you advise me,

I am currently a full time carer for my mum, I have been for many years, I am a single mum with two children and currently claim carers allowance and income support.

My father has recently been diagnosed terminally ill :frowning: he owns his home but has no savings and has recently been put onto pip and universal credit. He is very poorly and has carers coming in numerous times a day as well as district nurses. He is going to need me to move in with him within the next few months in order to be there during the night time in case he needs support, so I will still be caring for my mum, as well as caring for my dad. What I don’t know and what I need help with is how this will affect my own income and how I will pay for what myself and my children will need. I have phone contracts and catalogues etc that will still require payments and I will need to pay towards bills, for food and to provide clothes etc for my kids. I understand it’s not an ideal situation for the kids but my dad wishes to be at home and I need to do the best I can to support everyone x thank you for any help you can give me x


Thanks for your quick reply honey, I really appreciate it. I’ve just done the calculation website and it says my payments will stay they same, I may try and contact welfare rights, see if they can confirm things for me x

I do appreciate what you are saying about the children, my mind has been there a lot already but they are seeing my dad on a daily basis already, with what I am having to do and at least if we were staying there they could go to bed or be more settled with earlier nights x it’s not feasible for my siblings to move in instead and my dad is autistic, he would really struggle being in a hospice or hospital. I have spoken to friends and family and they have said when the time comes the children can stay with them for a few days, so many emotions :frowning: just trying to do the best I can with what’s going on x

I think my dad’s district nurses may have already put in for the continued health care assessment, we filled one out a few days ago, they said the funding comes from a different pot and it may help? X

thank you again for such a quick reply x

On the CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare front.

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I assume the maximum amount payable under PIP is being paid ?


Daily living component.

Standard rate - £58.70.
Enhanced rate - £87.65.

Mobility component.

Standard rate - £23.20
Enhanced rate - £61.20

I am really concerned that you are rushing to the wrong decisions, which could end up disastrously.
You could even end up homeless!
Please be very, very careful about what you do, or you could regret it forever.

Do you currently live in your own home, or rented? re you planning to keep this when caring for dad?
How will that affect the children’s friendships and schooling?
What is wrong with mum, how old is she, does she own or rent her home?
Does dad live with mum?
If not, where does dad live?
Where will you and your children live when you are caring for dad, and after he has died?
After dad has died, is it realistic for mum to live alone?

Dad might be autistic, but he is now terminally ill. I’ve seen my dad, one of the government’s top research scientists, wither and die from prostate cancer. The need for 24 hour nursing care and pain relief is paramount. If there is a local hospice, I suggest you talk to them yourself to find out what support is available for dad, initially at home, so that when he needs residential care in the hospice, they will be well prepared to meet his needs. Have you ever been in the hospice? If not, please visit as soon as possible.