Full time carer

Hi I am new here,

My father recently passed away and my husband and myself have moved to buy a house with my mum who suffers from motor neurone disease. At present she has a 24hour carer and pop in Carers plus myself who comes to see her 4-5 times a week for about 6 hours a visit. My question is when we are all living together I will no longer work and will be mums primary full time carer. My dad used to receive a Carers allowance when he looked after mum, am I entitled to the same thing and if so how do I go about applying for it? We have had so many problems with my mums care myself being a now ex nurse believe as a family things will be better for all.

Please message me any advice.

Many thanks em

Hi Emma
The first thing that springs to mind is whether or not you have applied for CHC funding for your mother’s care? I think with such a diagnosis she may well be entitled?

Hi Emma,
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There is info on Carers Allowance here: Carer's Allowance | Carers UK As long as you are not past retirement age yourself, you will be able to claim this.

24/7 caring is very different from nursing in a hospital, you are emotionally involved for one thing and there are no shifts and then going home, holidays or days off. Your Mum’s care must have been funded, hang on to at least some of that funding, to pay for care to allow yourself “me” time and respite periods too.


Hi Emma
Carers allowance is only about £62 a week. Think long and hard about giving up work, not only from a financial point of view but also for the self esteem work can bring, the social life, and keeping the door open for returning to work when caring ends. Work can also be a respite from caring.

Sounds like Mum is on NHS CHC funding which is the best it can be, if she/you gives it up it will be almost impossible to restart it. There are people out here desparate for such funding who are being refused it.

Might be an idea to look at going part time rather than giving up altogether and keeping mums care package going.

Check out too the legal aspects of Mum moving in, who will own the property? There could be ramifications if she ever needs residential care. You could find your self homeless