CHC funding

Our original meeting was back in Sept 2018…

Endless phone calls and emails back and forth chasing an answer
We FINALLY get a reply end of March 2019 that they will fund and THEY will take over payment from now on and back date our claim…

Have now been chased by the carer company for non payment of this months Invoice so we have had to pay them out of our own pocket yet again and next Invoice is due 1st of month

Have emailed CHC three times in a fortnight now for answers and still no replies…

It’s all so bloody depressing and bloody annoying and so bloody frustrating…rant over !!!

Yes , the delay between approval and actual funding is one of those issues picked up in the last House
report on CHC … detailed in the following thread :

NHS web site … not clear guidelines … just the following :

Refunds for delays in NHS continuing healthcare funding.

CCGs will normally make a decision about eligibility for NHS continuing healthcare within 28 days of getting a completed checklist or request for a full assessment, unless there are circumstances beyond its control.

If the CCG decides you’re eligible, but takes longer than 28 days to decide this and the delay is unjustifiable, they should refund any care costs from the 29th day until the date of their decision.

( Nothing on when precisely the monies will become available. )

Little comfort for the fortunate few … having secured CHC funding and then having to seek bridging finance until the first tranche
of monies are released ?

Be interested to learn if some homes out there bridge the gap themselves … very few I should imagine ?

If they’ve agreed to fund the care, then send THEM the invoice!