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Hi. We are the process of moving my father in law into a care home. At present he is living in a retirement village with care 4 times a day. In May he fell and fractured his hip, had it operated on and was then sent to rehab for 6 weeks to get intense physio and improve his mobility n h s funded.
The first place was a nursing home, hardly any physio , so we complained and he was then sent to a rehab place. They did get him walking with his zimmer. But now he has been discharges he is not managing and he has already fallen 3 times within a week. The care team have now said he needs to be moved as they can not cope with his needs.
He has Parkinson’s, Parkinson’s dementia and most likely Alzheimer’s as well. He is not understanding the need to stay in his chair until carers come and he finds it stressful as he can’t communicate well.
We are in the process of finding a residential or nursing home that will care for his needs
How do I go about getting him CHC funding if I don’t have a social worker or other members of the health care team, to assess if he can claim ,
He is incontinent , has dementia, Parkinson’s and. Very frail 8 stone in weight.

I would start by asking the rehab hospital why he was discharged in that state!
Then ask if they did an NHS Continuing Healthcare Assessment. Even if they did, if you weren’t included it wasn’t do properly.
Three falls in a week?! Who picked him up? Next time this happens, call an ambulance, do NOT risk a lifelong back injury.
Who is paying the carers. Are they free Reablement carers?
They should be telling Social Services or the NHS, whoever arranged them, that it isn’t working.
Contact Social Services yourself today, ask to speak to the Hospital Discharge Team to start with, as they were the most likely to arrange the carers.
Don’t mince your words. Tell them how many falls he’s had, that he doesn’t understand what you are telling him and you CANNOT manage him.

I would just contact his GP or Health Centre and say you are seeking FAST TRACK CHC for your Dad as he has deteriorated significantly.

If you do it this way you will get sorted within a week or 10 days. i did this for my late Mum and once the GP understood what it was about and I provided him with the forms (completed as much as possible by me to save him time) it was very straightforward.

According to the rules Fast Track should be provided within 48 hours.

Thanks for the replies. We took him to a residential home this PM but they won’t accept him due to his mobility. I didn’t realise how bad his mobility is. He needed two of us to transfer to chair. He can hardly walk and it’s obvious that he can’t stay in his retirement village. He pays for care 4 times a day. They are desperate to move him and have now said if he falls again then they will call an ambulance. We agreed with this decision. Prior to breaking his hip he was very mobile with his zimmer and used to go to the restaurant there, I can’t believe they have sent him home in this state
I will phone them tomorrow to see who discharged him
It has been difficult as he has been moved several times and due tocovid restrictions not allowed any visitors except my husband. He just took it from the staff there that he was mobilising. But because he couldn’t go outside his room ,not mobilising enough.
I’ll ask his daughter to phone his GP tomorrow


“Should be” Bowlingbun but I think that means once it’s been signed and sealed. It was really quick for us thank goodness but may have been a teeny delay due to covid rules which were fully in force then.

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