CHC - choose own nursing home?


I wonder if anyone has had any experience of being able to choose your own chc nursing home?

My Mum has been awarded chc funding for a nursing home but we’ve been on the waiting list for our preferred home for two months now and given that things are a bit difficult we may have to choose an alternative. But the list of approved Nursing Homes provided to us is quite short and we weren’t keen on the others for one reason or another (e.g. not suitable for Mum’s needs, family not able to get there, a ‘needs improvement’ rating etc.). We were wondering if its possible to choose our own nursing home and ask CHC if they’d allow Mum placement there?

If anyone has done this it would be helpful to hear how you went about it.


Hi Mandy … the following link to the Care To Be Different web site will be of immediate assistance here.

Advice / options / guidance … also available on the main CHC / NHS CONTINUING HEALTHCARE thread :

Continuing Healthcare funding and choice of care home: Part 1 - Care to be Different

Main thread :

Amazing Chris. Thanks. That’s a lot of info! I’m sure I’ll find my answer there.

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CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare … no many would chose that as a specialist subject on Mastermind ?

A chasm between what the book says … and what happens in practice ?

There’s definitely something in the CHC Framework about proximity to relatives, and a normal family life. I used it for my mum when the LA proposed homes the other side of Southampton Water for mum. A simple visit would have normally involved at least two hours driving! At my insistence, she went to a more expensive home just down the road. I was hoping she would get CHC, and checked the home accepted CHC, but sadly she wasn’t awarded it before she died.

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Nothing to stop a patient requesting a different home to those on the local CHC list … that problem is for the CHC team to resolve … including any " Fee " differential ( External forum replies as opposed to specified links .)

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