CHC - changing method/location of care

Hello, first post here!

Does anyone know, or have experience of changing arrangements with CHC funded care in place?

In brief, my husband and I are considering moving my FIL (with PD) in with us. We’re in the CHC process, though assessment is currently on hold as he’s had an extended stay in hospital.

Hypothetically, lets say he qualifies, and is granted X carer visits to our house per day.

Would we face an uphill battle in the event that he improved enough to move back into his own home but still required those same visits? Obviously appreciate they regularly re-assess, but would they dispute number of visits on the basis there are family members he could live with? I.e would moving him in with us hinder his future entitlement / level of support under CHC?

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You need to read the NHS Continuing Healthcare Framework. I printed the whole thing off and used a highlighter pen for the relevant sections! Particulary read about the right to a normal family life, and there’s also an important test case concerning care at home, established after a Panorama programme. It’s either Poynton or Pointon. Son with LD just gone home after Christmas, no energy left to find full details today I’m afraid.

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It’s Barbara Pointon. She died a few years ago but the way CHC is delivered was largely because of her fight with the authorities over her husband, who had dementia.

CHC can be delivered at your home if your FIL is there, and the key is that visits should be determined on how much you are able or willing to do as carers. You can basically refuse to provide care except in emergencies when there are no workers present - i.e. between calls. But BB is right - check through the Continuing Health Care Framework - you can find it on All the information you need is there.

Thank you both for your helpful replies. We’ve read through the framework but will now go through it again with a fine tooth comb and highlighter to really digest the relevant parts.

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The most helpful and straightforward site for me when I was in your position was Care To Be Different. It is amazingly helpful for anything to do with CHC.

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