Carers allowance

Do I need to contact the dwp to say that Mother has died or will the tell us once form sort it?

I have a social life now but oh how I miss her.

Hi Jacqueline … yes … Change of Circumstances :

Benefits: report a change in your circumstances - GOV.UK


**_Changes you need to report

Changes can include:

changing your name

finding or finishing a job, or working different hours

your income going up or down

starting or stopping education, training or an apprenticeship

moving house

people moving into or out of the place you live (for example your partner, a child or lodger)

your partner or someone you live with dying

having a baby

starting or stopping caring for someone

getting married or divorced

starting or ending a civil partnership

planning to go abroad for any length of time

going into hospital, a care home or sheltered accommodation

any changes to your medical condition or disability

changing your doctor

changes to your pension, savings, investments or property

changes to other money you get (for example student loans or grants, sick pay or money you get from a charity)

changes to the benefits you or anyone else in your house gets

you or your partner getting back-pay (sometimes called ‘arrears’) for salary or earnings you’re owed

If you claim Child Benefit you also need to report changes to your child’s circumstances.

Reporting a death

Use the ‘Tell Us Once’ service if someone dies when they’re receiving benefits. The process is different if you’re in Northern Ireland._**


How to report changes

Who you tell depends on which benefits you get. You’ll need to report your change to more than one organisation if you get more than one benefit.

Universal Credit

Report changes using your online account if you have one or contact the Universal Credit helpline.

Pension Credit

Call the Pension Service helpline to report changes if you get Pension Credit.
Disability benefits

Call the Disability Service Centre to report changes if you get Disability Living Allowance (DLA), Attendance Allowance (AA) or Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

Housing Benefit

Tell your local council about changes if you get Housing Benefit.

Child Benefit

Report changes using the Child Benefit online service or call or write to the Child Benefit Office.
All other benefits

Call Jobcentre Plus to report changes. You need to have your National Insurance number when you call.

Carers Allowance stops 8 weeks after the death of one’s caree.

Brilliant. Thank you Chris. You are a great resource!

Not just an ugly face , then ?

Your welcome , Jacqueline.