From DLA to PIP, do I inform DWP carers allowance?

My daughter has just been awarded the enhanced rates of PIP after being on DLA. I was just wondering if I need to inform the DWP about this with regards to carers allowance I receive?

Many thanks in advance

Hi Jane.

Not listed but … can do no harm … CHANGE IN CIRCUMSTANCES … quick " Enhanced rate of PIP granted to my daughter.
I currently claim Carers Allowance. Any problems ? " … seems sensible ?
Carer's Allowance: report changes - GOV.UK

No real change but … a change is a change … and it’s the DWP you are dealing with here.

Not known for their sense of humour … or justice ?

Thank you Chris, I’ve just reported the change.

Your welcome.

Did you add a " Smilie " … give someone a heart attack at the other end ?

Smiling ?

Forbotten in the DWP ?

By law !

Only time they ever " Smile " is when they are some poor whatsit banged to rights !